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Our Philosophy

Founded in 2020, Bearsify swiftly recognized that attentive listening is integral to success in our industry. Whether engaging with target audiences, collaborating with business partners, or fostering teamwork amongst our staff, we prioritize people and their ideas. we excel in extracting meaning and insights from these ideas, demonstrating our commitment to active listening and innovative problem-solving. When you partner with Bearsify, anticipate working with a team of attentive listeners and creative problem solvers who are genuinely invested in every aspect of your success.

Regardless of your brand’s size, location, or stage of development, what truly counts are passion, purpose, agility, and ambition. At our core, we operate differently from the norm. Rather than lone bears, we function as a cohesive pack, prioritizing collaboration. This is reflected in our open structure, where every opinion and creative input holds equal value.

We prioritize continual self-reinvention. We invest in next-generation capabilities and specialized talent to enhance our differentiation in key growth areas. Supported by our expertise and diverse global workforce, our goal is to provide sustainable and meaningful value in all aspects.

Meet the Team

It’s time for introductions! Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the members of The Bearsify team, recognize their faces, and feel the excitement about collaborating with us.


Muneeb Murtaza

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Co-Founder & COO

Unzila Masroor

Managing Director

Our Creative Minds

Meet the creative minds driving our innovation and excellence.

Our Values

What we stand for

Our commitment to excellence is fueled by our mutual respect and care for one another. We place great trust in our combined expertise, always aiming for growth through shared understanding. With humility, we embrace challenges, purposefully exploring the unknown to deliver impactful solutions. 

These values are the cornerstone of our approach, guiding us through every project and partnership with dedication and integrity. We invite you to join us as we pursue innovation and excellence together.

We view ourselves as your partners, not just a service provider.​

Achieving impactful solutions requires ongoing teamwork. We thrive on partnering closely with our clients, combining their insights with our expertise to craft solutions that resonate and inspire.

We prioritize understanding before action.​

Just as carpenters measure twice before cutting, we meticulously analyze every aspect of the problem at hand. This thorough understanding enables us to craft precise and comprehensive solutions.

We prioritize impact over ego.​

Every task is approached with humility and a focus on making a positive difference, regardless of the nature of the task or who completes it.

We prioritize sincerity and authenticity, driven by our genuine concern and commitment.

Transparency and honesty are fundamental values for us, driving us to openly communicate our thoughts and insights with you, as they arise.

Our Commitment to Inclusion.

​ We prioritize diverse perspectives and viewpoints to enhance our understanding of the world. By embracing and celebrating individual experiences and cultures, we uncover powerful solutions to the challenges that matter most.

Bearsify Story

The Story of Bearsify: Embracing Change Since 2020

In 2020, two friends with very little money, no portfolio, or job prospects founded Bearsify, a creative agency dedicated to adapting and evolving with consumer demands, technological advancements, and market shifts. 

From a single office to two domestic locations and one international office in Dubai, Bearsify’s mission has always been to produce work that is ambitious, impactful, and relevant.

 Embracing change is at the heart of Bearsify’s journey and success.

Bearsify thinks


We cultivate relationships built on trust and eliminate boundaries between people and disciplines, fostering true collaboration. 

Celebration of Creativity 

We elevate our creative efforts to produce work that truly matters and makes an impact. 

Strategic Thinking 

Our creativity is grounded in actionable data and top-tier strategies, ensuring solid business results. 

Integrated Production Capabilities 

We have the best creative minds and thinkers in the industry, we offer comprehensive production capabilities, including branded content, digital solutions, experiential activations, and architecture. 

Agile Thinking and Execution 

We pride ourselves on our agility and self-sufficiency, taking on projects in-house unless an outside partner can do it better.

Bearsify cares

Act on what really matters for people and our planet​

Our core mission is a commitment to social responsibility, creating what truly matters. Guided by our values, we strive to make a positive impact on our community and society. We also encourage our clients and partners to contribute to this mission. With an optimistic outlook on the future, we acknowledge the journey ahead but are dedicated to making continuous improvements and taking collective steps in the right direction

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