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From day one at Bearsify, we invest in your development. Dive into Bearsify University, a two-day crash course on our disciplines, and continue to expand your knowledge with a comprehensive career plan and bi-annual reviews. We host inspiring events, lunch & learns, and workshops regularly to keep you motivated. And if you want to pursue further education, we’ve got your back with full support.

Diversity fuels our creativity.

At Bearsify, we strive to be a hub where a diverse array of talented individuals come together to excel. We take pride in producing meaningful work for our global clients, recognizing that our community thrives on the dedication and passion of our innovative and committed team.

Embrace the Fun

While we believe in working hard, we also value playing hard. At Bearsify, we organize a variety of activities, including happy hours, night outs, and sports tournaments. For us, fun is an essential part of our culture. We’ve even established our own special day, Bearsify Day, where everyone comes in, but work is off-limits—it’s all about enjoying the day together.

Prioritize Your Well-Being

At Bearsify, we want you to love being at work. That’s why we have a meditation room for relaxation (or an afternoon nap), showers for daytime exercise enthusiasts, and a lunchroom that feels like a cozy dining room. For those who enjoy group activities, we offer yoga classes, running clubs, meditation workshops, and other fun events throughout our offices. Your well-being is our priority.

Collaboration is Key

At Bearsify, openness, collaboration, and transparency are fundamental to our culture. Every few months, our management team hosts a Q&A session, encouraging everyone to share their thoughts and ideas freely. We believe in minimizing hierarchy to foster teamwork and unity. Ultimately, it’s all about working together for the greater good.

More Time for You

At Bearsify, we value your work-life balance. From day one, enjoy a minimum of two weeks of paid vacation, increasing to three weeks from your second year, including time off between Eid and New Year’s. Take advantage of Bearsify Fridays to start your weekend early. For added flexibility, you can work from wherever you feel most productive, be it a library, a coffee shop, or even your hallway. New parents also have the option of a reduced workload to cherish precious moments with their newborn and catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Save for Your Dreams

At Bearsify, we believe in helping you prepare for the future. Our retirement savings plan is designed to support your dreams, whether you envision a peaceful retreat or an exciting new adventure. We’re here to ensure you can live out your aspirations when the time comes to transition from work to your next great chapter.

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